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Research Group 1 : Discourse and Linguistic System

Supervisor : Christine Béal

10 septembre 2015

Since its origins, praxematics has emphasised the prevalence of discourse over language. This primacy provides the focus of the study of processes by which discursive practices construct the social structure that is language. In the field of discursive linguistics, the innovation of the Praxiling researchers essentially stems from a twofold view of the theorisation and the conceptualisation of language dynamics : firstly, the articulation of discourse and language (dialogism, nomination, intersubjectivity, actualisation) and, secondly, the consideration of language as a system (acting as linguistic constraints or factors of integration). Using authentic data, research group 1 seeks to describe the semantic values of discursive phenomena and their potential insertion into language.

Programme 1 : Discourse/Language Dynamics (Supervisor : Sophie Sarrazin)

Programme 2 : Discourse, Dialogism and Linguistic Markings (Supervisor : Aleksandra Nowakowska)

Programme 3 : Interlinguistic and Discourse Contacts (Supervisor : Christine Béal)