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Programme 2

Discourse, Dialogism and Linguistic Markings (Supervisor : Aleksandra Nowakowska)

10 mai 2016

Participants : J. Bres, S. Diwersy, C. Gomila, A. Nowakowska, J.-M. Sarale, S. Sarrazin, A. Steuckardt.

PhD students : Elodie Baklouti, Marie Chandelier, Laura Davis, Géraldine La Corte.

Scientific Direction

The dialogism of discourse stems from its inherent orientation towards other discourse in three ways : towards discourse previously made on the same object (interdiscursive dialogism) ; as a response to the discourse of the interlocutor (in a conversational exchange) and towards the response that the speaker solicits and anticipates (interlocutive dialogism) ; towards the speaker’s own discourse (auto-dialogism). This orientation is demonstrated in the form of echoes, resonances, harmonics, which hint at other discourse ; and in the form of voice, which introduces the other into the speaker’s discourse.

Research in progress

In the furtherance of our earlier work, our current research focuses on four points :

• Dialogism and language : Does dialogism, initially thought to be a discursive phenomenon, affect language itself ? Study of the functioning of demonstrative and possessive determiners ; verbal tenses ; causality markers ; certain syntactic transformations.
• Dialogism and utterance production : To what extent is it possible to develop an utterance-based approach to dialogical phenomena, initially thought to be outside the context of utterance production ?
• Dialogism and dialogue : How do we analyse linguistic phenomena (repetition, echo, inference, prolongation), which, in the interchange of interlocutors are at the borderline of dialogism and dialogue, even seemingly dissolving the distinction between the two terms ?
• Dialogism, text type and discourse genre : To what extent does dialogism make it possible to explain certain discursive phenomena stemming from the text type (argumentation) and from discourse genre (editorial, short interview in media discourse) ?